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Berthier Associates’ 35 years wealth of experience is evolving rather than aging. Unsurprisingly, we’ve built over 1500 office spaces in our collaborative efforts with diverse multinationals and local companies over the years.

We've stayed on top of the industry by employing the latest design and project management tools.

Our evolving design-build approach fosters a strict cost control culture. We don’t want to have your team bother about changing costs.

Expect a fully-detailed and understandable proposal from the outset. We know how hard it can be to grasp the technicalities of your project.

So, we map everything from site constraints, possible alternatives, to itemized costs and descriptions - all in our proposal.

Having a clear head when handling a project is key to its success.

Our professional guidance, coupled with transparent management of technical and financial affairs, address any pain points along the way.

This trustworthy process has allowed us to win 90% of the tenders - we expect to win yours too.

Pinpoint Details and Specifications with 3D Drawings

Find a Quote That Suits Your Budget

We understand the pain of clashing budgets. Our quotes cover a wide range of possible budgets to choose from. Whichever package you pick, you can rest assured the concept remains unchanged.

Get cost updates swiftly if you need to remodel.

All changes will be treated as part of the lump sum project management fee - no extra charges.

Employ our experience building workspaces across multi-cultural business industries. Our creative minds carefully craft a proposal that fits the nature, size, and purpose of any project.

Berthier not only offers guidance and expertise from consultation to move in, but also maintenance of your office space.

We bask in the fulfillment of building your office spaces and seeing you thrive afterward.


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